Compassion is Hard to Have

Ever wondered why it's so hard to have compassion for others? One word shows us why this is. In Luke chapter 15, a son insults his dad, takes all his stuff, and runs away from home. When his money runs out, and the parties die down, he starts to starve and gets desperate. Shortly after this, he decides to return home, apologizes, and says to his dad, "I'm no longer WORTHY to be called your son." In Luke chapter 18, a guy is praying and thanking his God for his worthiness. Not God's worthiness. His worthiness. He says, "I thank you I'm NOT LIKE OTHER MEN." He then lists all the things he's done for God. Why he's WORTHY and they are not. Interesting. Unfortunately both men have made the same,

Real vs. Fake Humility

SHARE if you agree. Last Sunday morning I threw a tantrum in front of the K-4th graders. I fell to my knees and said, "Nobody likes me! I'm dumb! No one will be my friend!!" I then asked them what I was doing. One kid laughed while shouting "throwing a baby fit!" Earlier that morning I was sitting in the HS/College classroom. I started asking the kids to give me a definition of humility. One of the girls said, and I'm paraphrasing, "humility isn't thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself 'less'." I almost told her I had already thought of a definition like that, but then realized the sad irony and quickly moved on. An obsession with self-thought, how we've been treated, our own v


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