When You Clothed Them, You Clothed Me

Rock Creek Bible Church wants to be a body of helpers. We’re made up of individuals who want to do what Christ would do, and that’s why we’re holding a clothing and food give away from 9 a.m. to noon on November 9 at the church building. We hope this will become a regular event that will allow us to serve those in our community who are in need, and also serve God in the process. What it Will Look Like: On November 9th we’ll have volunteers manning the food pantry and tables and racks filled with clothes. Anyone who shows up can take what they need, no questions asked. Our volunteers will help them load what they take in their cars, and we’ll hope and pray the blessings they received will hel

Why Has God Abandoned Me?

Dear Mom, Nothing can be so devastating as watching a child die. And perhaps there is nothing more painful when, beyond comprehension, it happens to be one of your very own. Whether the loss was miscarriage, stillbirth, disease, a childhood accident or something else, a child loss remains what it is: the loss of someone close, precious, and loved. When Amy began working for us I had little knowledge of how her own loss changed her and made her who she is today. Before continuing, if you’re a mom who’s suffered loss, please know that because each personality, death, and circumstance is different, so will the range of emotional responses. Some feel very little, some are not sure what to feel a

New Annual Schedule for Children’s Church

In an effort to support our children’s church volunteers and further strengthen the program we provide, there will be a new annual schedule going forward. There will be no children’s church in the months of November, December, and May. Taking this break will allow our volunteers to rest, worship with the rest of the congregation, and spend more time preparing the other ministries they are involved in. If you would like to help the children’s ministry expand by offering your services, please contact Jonathan Runyan.

Third Thursday, October 17

October's Third Thursday event, a ministry put on by the Women's Ministry at RCBC, will take place October 17 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Amy Kramer will be the speaker. Amy is a former analyst with the Governor's Grants Program where she worked with a team that administered state and federal grants for Domestic Violence Centers and Child Advocacy Centers across Kansas. Amy will share her personal testimony and will discuss ways to better understand and respond to this important issue.

Joyagers to Offer Flu Shots in October

For the two hours preceding the October 23rd Joyagers gathering a nurse from the Jefferson County Health Department will be present to offer flu shots. Two vaccinations will be offered. The quadrivalent flu vaccine, which covers four flu strains and is available to everyone over six months of age, and a high dose vaccine for people over the age of 65. It’s perfect timing for the fall season that is fast upon us, and for those who are on Medicare there will be no charge. Shots will be offered from 10:00 to noon before the meal.


Rock Creek is here to bring glory to none other than Jesus Christ  and to encourage you to a deeper, trusting relationship with Him.


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