Many situations are filled with hopelessness; and the source can be different from one person to the next. Familial stress, work pressure, mental anguish, abuse, addiction: all of these challenges seem like they never end, leaving no way out. But there is hope in every circumstance. Whether the problem seems small or unbearable, guidance from a trusted individual can help us wherever we happen to be.


Rock Creek offers a counseling program for both church members and individuals in our community.  We will listen to your needs, assess the situation and offer guidance if applicable. Scholarships (25%, 50% and 100%) are available depending on time of year and each case. Details and individual's involved will be kept confidential to respect the sensitivity of the situation. Please feel free to contact our pastoral staff or an elder for support, guidance or questions. We would love to speak with you.

Scholarships are reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.

Email: Brian Hardee (Lead Pastor)

Email: Jonathan Runyan (Family Pastor)


Here is a list of counselors in NE Kansas that we know personally or have been recommended to us. 

  • Jerry Purviance

Grace Counseling (Sherwood Church, Kansas City)


Depression, Marriage, Pornography, Premarital,  ADHD, Anxiety, Parenting, Grief, Trauma, Abuse, Anger, Adultery, Bipolar, and Eating Disorders.


Member of the Association of Biblical Counselors, American Association of Christian Counselors, Missouri Mental Health Association

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  • Shane Jones

Shane Jones & Associates (Lawrence, KS)


Marriage counseling, Depression & Anxiety disorders, Adoption & foster care support, Stress disorders, Sexual & physical abuse issues, Parenting, Adoption and foster care, Employee relation improvement, Recovery from abusive childhood, Critical incident stress management.

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  • Dr. Corey Schliep

LCMFT (Topeka, Christ First Counseling)

Attachment issues, family and marital relationship difficulties, human systems consulting, along with anxiety, depression, parent-child conflict, and difficulties that are hindering spiritual growth.

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  • Sarah Lundeen 

LMLP (Topeka, Christ First Counseling)

Women and teen girls: Mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, self-worth issues, identity concerns, trauma, grief/loss.


Children and families: Relational issues, behavioral/emotional regulation concerns, challenges within adolescence, attachment disorders, trauma and/or abuse.


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  • Scott Strickland

LMFT (Topeka, Christ First Counseling)

Various mental and emotional disorders. Works with individuals of all ages.

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  • Reigning Grace Ministries 

(Faith Community Church, Kansas City MO)

(Liberty Office, Liberty MO)

Addictions including: Alcohol, substance abuse, sexual addiction, gambling and disordered eating. 

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Rock Creek is here to bring glory to none other than Jesus Christ  and to encourage you to a deeper, trusting relationship with Him.


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