Ron Krestan

Having served as a part-time worship leader at Rock Creek Bible Church since 2003, I have been blessed by the heart this church has for worship. This flock combines a hunger for God's revealed truth through diligent Bible study with a genuine love for Jesus.


It is our desire to worship both in spirit and in truth.

As a young child I placed my confidence in Christ alone for salvation from sin. God has used my family, His Church, and a Christian education to prepare me to serve Him through music.


I also serve my Lord as a teacher and administrator at Veritas Christian School in Lawrence. I teach in the science, math & Bible classes. God has called His people to worship Him for all eternity. We use a mixture of hymns and contemporary choruses to focus our attention on Christ.


Man's creativity in music is a reflection of the image of God in us. But God demands that the content of our worship be His revealed truth. At Rock Creek Bible Church we strive to use a variety of musical genres while never compromising Biblical truth with the lyrics. A team of talented people assist me in leading worship. To worship our Creator and Redeemer in spirit and in truth is our eternal purpose.