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Kid Check

Parents & Volunteers !

We're excited to announce a new check-in system for all children from infants to 4th grade. It's called Kid Check. Here's an intro:

Here's what you need to know:


I'll be doing informal demos in the fellowship hall for all parents and volunteers at 8:15 AM on the 30th, the 14th (Oct) and 21st (Oct). Breakfast will be provided each morning. Any questions or feedback is more than welcome!

If you can't make these times as a parent or volunteer, no problem. Just make sure you watch this short video and create your profile: click here to create profile

Just FYI, each parent will create an account, only one parent needs to add children.


The biggest benefits I see for our church:

Volunteers helped.

-Information (names of children, medical info, food allergies, parent names, approved guardians, etc).

-Tools to communicate (parent contact info, volunteer messaging)

-Seamless check-ins for large events like VBS and community activities

Parental Peace of Mind (see more here)

-Parents know where their children are and when to check them out under their care

-Parents can communicate seamlessly with volunteers and vice versa during service, or provide helpful info to children's profile at any time

-Children are only allowed to leave rooms when parents check them out

Ease of Use

-Check Ins are wireless and completed through smartphone app with a few taps (iphone, android)

-Check Ins will take place in the main foyer entrance


We'll go live with Kid Check on Oct 28th, and the deadline to create an account is Oct 21st.

Volunteers without iphones or any other smartphone, see Jonathan Runyan and he'll assist you (you don't get a free iphone though, sorry).

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