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A Check-In Video For Volunteers (infant - 4th)

Hey Volunteers, once we're all setup, I hope this is a big help to our church. So, first, the purpose and then the app volunteers will need.


Child Safety

-Children are only allowed to leave rooms when parents check them out

-Parents know volunteers have all the information they need about their children, as well as who is approved to check them out

Improved Volunteer Tools

-Information (names of children, medical info, food allergies, parent names, approved guardians)

-Volunteers can notify parents during service if child needs attention or if there's an emergency

-Check-Ins automatic, no redundant filling in of sheets by parents and volunteers every week

-Seamless check-ins for large events like VBS and community activities

The Admin Console App (just for volunteers)

1. Register a kid-check account if you haven't already done so, and download the kid check app.

2. Now, download another app, just for volunteers, called the kid-check admin console. Just search kid check in the app store and it will come up.

3. You can't use the admin console patient.

4. Sign-in to the kid-check app at church and ask Jonathan Runyan or Kevin Sowards to complete your account setup (Do this before Oct. 21st).

After Jonathan or Kevin finishes your account, you can now use the admin console app in your classrooms.

What will the admin console app do?

You can view all the kids checked-in to your classroom (watch video below), check them out of class, as well as see who is an approved parent or guardian when parents come to pick them up (see more).

What do I do on Sunday Mornings?

Go into the main foyer, check-in using the kid-check app on your phone (or tablet in foyer). A volunteer label will automatically print for you. After this you may use the admin console app in your classroom.

Do I check-in children?

No, children are checked-in by parents into the attendance room by the foyer. Attendance personnel (currently Gale) confirm the child's arrival.

How do children get to their classrooms after attendance?

To ensure children to not venture out on their own, volunteers accompany children to their classrooms once attendance finishes. All teachers should wait outside the attendance room until attendance is complete.

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