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Supplies Needed for Comfort Bags

The Women's Ministry at RCBC teamed up with Topeka Rescue Mission this year to provide 'Comfort Bags' for women who are trapped in human trafficking.

Terry Hund, Director of Community Stabilization for the Topeka Rescue Mission, says the networking ministry is really busy and growing and they are in need of more supplies to make comfort bags. Here is the list of supplies they need. There is a plastic tote by the mailboxes where you can drop off your donations.

- Hairbrushes and combs

- Toothbrush and toothpaste

- Hand or body lotion

- Chapstick

- Small Kleenex packages

- Fuzzy blankets or stuffed animals

- Fuzzy socks

- Any type of chocolate or comfort food/gum and mints

- Feminine products

- New or gently used devotional books or Bibles

- Coloring books and pencils, sudoku or word search books

- Calendars

- Notebooks with pens and pencils with sharpeners

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