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An Announcement from the Elders at RCBC

Dear Church Family,

There are many differing opinions in our nation right now regarding COVID-19. We believe this is the perfect time to act in charity towards all, speak the truth in love, and encourage one another with God’s promises and providence over all circumstances. The elders at Rock Creek Bible Church hope this letter, which comprises our current stance on the ever changing development of COVID-19, accomplishes just that.

How should we handle the information overload?

In our media saturated age, discernment with said media and in smaller doses is an antidote to sensationalism. It’s also common to not only become overwhelmed but confused by the contradictory narratives, the contrasts of fear and flippancy, and of course the anger. But these reactions are not godly reactions. The world will fear losing the temporary, but our peace is unchanged as our possessions are eternal. We encourage you to focus your gaze towards Scripture more than the world’s perspective.

Charity Towards All

Use charity towards one another as every situation is different and each individual is persuaded by their own conscience.

Why We’re Still Gathering Together

It is our belief that gathering together as a body is the most important function of our community and nation; influencing every area of life from our work, our families, our souls, and our relationship with the world. This is primarily why we resumed worshipping a few months ago. And while we know safety will always be important, we also know that the trending recovery rates, the unpredictability of future vaccines, and successful re-openings around the world all more than warrant gathering together in the months ahead. We pray for you all, love you all, and look forward to seeing you if you are able.

Lovingly in Christ,

The Elders of Rock Creek Bible Church

Brian Hardee, Phil Garretson, Butch McAlexander, Kevin Sowards, Jonathan Runyan, Rich Tarwater

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