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Consider it Pure Joy: An Update on RCBC Amid Uncertainty

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Dear Rock Creek Family,

The CDC and President Trump, along with local officials strongly recommend no gatherings greater than 50 people for the next eight weeks. These times are “AMAZING!” Your Elders and Deacons met on Tuesday to determine our response as a church family. Here are the steps moving forward:

STEP 1: All activities within the physical property of the church have been canceled through April 30th. Special arrangements for Easter are being evaluated but not presently settled. We will be communicating any changes the best we can.

STEP 2: Hudson Taylor faced enormous challenges during a global crisis in China over a 100 years ago and said: “the future is as bright as the promises of God.” Nothing has changed! It seems odd, but we “consider it all joy” that these circumstances could bring us closer to Jesus. It is how we respond.

We’re focusing on God’s truth that any challenge, small or great, should draw our hearts to Jesus, to eternity and to others. IN THAT ORDER! What a gift from God!

We’re live streaming Sunday services online on our Facebook page and then posting them on the website:

We’re continuing church life: Each Elder and Deacon is contacting members by phone for prayer. Jonathan is creating video live streams for parents and children. You are encouraged to continue community groups online if possible. Additional content for the website and Facebook pages is being posted to encourage us in this spiritually challenging time. If you have an idea on how any of our church family could be a blessing contact Brian, Jonathan or one of Elders.

We’re available to meet your needs. Call 785-484-2884 if you would like to contact an elder for any help or assistance. Pastor Brian’s number is 785-633-3024.

We’re continuing to visit homes in poorer neighborhoods with offers of friendship, food, clothing and the Gospel.

STEP 3: Now, why not join us in your response! The church is us. When we see it’s not one staff member or meeting place, the church is us – a body working together. Will you help make the body stronger? Here are good places to start.

• Pray, daily, hourly, continually! Ask God to give you greater compassion toward those without Christ, those in financial crisis, those discouraged of life itself. Pray for personal patience, peace and love over fear. Pray for how you can serve Jesus by helping believers and those who do not know Christ.

• Share with others: encouragement, Scripture, areas God’s blessing or health tips from verified sources (,

• Cultivate a heart of thankfulness for the good that you do experience.

SPECIAL NOTE Concerning finances: The combined boards looked at each financial obligation and made decisions based upon ministry needs. We are committed to supporting our missionaries and providing for our church family’s spiritual care. We have reduced our total operating budget by 20%. We encourage you to stand with us during these days. Mail at the church will be checked daily (5257 Highway K92, Meriden KS 66512) .

Many banks offer online payments.

Another option is paypal: Paypal Link

We want to express our thankfulness for your partnership in this ministry.

Finally, let me encourage you as your pastor to stay in the Scriptures. Now more than ever you need daily to hear from God‘s word to your heart. Don’t neglect the Holy Spirit speaking to you.

Brian & Jonathan with all the elders

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